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Why .io, Amazon S3, and Jekyll

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Do you know that one of the popular lectures for university students is “Learn how to learn”? I think it’s because nobody tells you how to learn after starting learning. But it’s the most important skill in learning. Likewise, I believe that one of the popular blogging posts could be “Blogging how to blogging”.

In this post, I’d like to share the experience of building this blog.

Why .io?

As you know, my domain name is Some people may not familiar with this .io domain name, but it’s really hot in these days. A lot of startups and tech people prefer .io to .com or .net in these days because…. I don’t know. Some people try to [explain why it’s hot][IO] but… It’s hot because it’s hot.

Indeed, the price of .io is 3~4 times as expensive as that of .com or .net. Unlike other domain names have a promotion for the first-year use, .io is never going to be on sale. It was difficult for me to choice between .io and .com, but I decided .io. seems much cooler than, doesn’t it?

![Price of .io at GoDaddy][Img_GoDaddy]

Why Amazon S3?

Because it’s cheap and reliable. First of all, you can use the web storage until 5GB for free. I don’t think my blogging data would exceed 5GB because I can use [YouTube][YouTube] for videos, [Flickr][Flickr] for images, [GitHub][GitHub] for codes, etc. You may also use [GitHub page][Page] for deploying your static website instead, but if you use GitHub page, you should publicly open all your files (including unpublished documents) and may suffer from lots of downtimes and slow traffic.

That’s why I chose [Amazon S3][S3] instead of [GitHub page][Page]. Some people use [DreamHost]DreamHost or [DigitalOcean]DOcean for bigger storage and better speed. If you want to get better speed of your website, you can also combine Amazon S3 with Amazon CloudFront or CloudFlare which distribute your name server over the world.

[![Amazon S3][Img_S31]][ImgS32]

Why Jekyll?

I didn’t know about Jekyll before I started surveying blogging tools. In the meanwhile, I found that many bloggers are moving their blogs from [WordPress][WP] to Jekyll. In the article [“WordPress vs. Jekyll: Why you might want to switch”][Compare], the author provide five reasons for the preference of Jekyll.

  • WordPress is overkill.

  • WordPress struggles under heavy load.

  • WordPress is slow.

  • Wordpress is a growing target for hackers.

  • WordPress hosting is expensive.

I think most users prefer fast and simple sites to slow and fancy ones. As an engineer, optimization is also an important factor: Jekyll is optimized for bloggin while WordPress seems redundant. That’s why I chose Jekyll.

Using jekyll will need your time and efforts for learning how to use it. In fact, many friends of mine (even who are familar with coding) is thinking Jekyll is inconvenient and need much efforts. (I’m still looking for the ways to uploda posts in Windows…) Thus, if you’ll use the blog just for note taking, I’d like to recommend you to consider [WordPress][WP], [Ghost][Ghost], or [Medium][Medium].

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