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You can modify or translate my posts

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I’m looking for your contributions

I have created a repository in GitHub in which the markdown files of all posts are stored. Do you want to correct my posts? Or, could you give us a favor to translate useful blog posts into your laguage? You can directly modify and improve the posts via the GitHub repository

Leave your contribution [here]

GitHub repo

Thank you for your contributions

This repository stores markdown files of the blog posts at TerryUm’s Blog. Since my initial blog posts may not be perfect in content-wise or English-wise, I’m looking forward to your contributions to correct my blog posts or translating them into other languages.

1. Corrections

If you have found errata in the post, or have better sentences to describe the contents in the post, please directly modify the makrdown files(.md) and pull a request. You can also correct misconcepts of the contents in the post.

If you don’t want to directly correct it, but just want to let me know your feedbacks, please use Issues section which is on the tab menu. If you leave your feedback about the post, I’ll correct it by myself according to your feedback.

2. Translations

I’m looking forward to supporters who is willing to translate my posts into your language(e.g. Korean). Your tranlation will help other people to easily read the posts. Please upload your translated markdown files with the title of “”.

e.g. "" -> ""

If your files are accepted, I’ll post it on the blog with an expression of your credit. Also, you can post your translated post on your own blog for archiving. (Please just provide the link of the original source in your mirrored post.)

This post is tranlated in Korean in 2016-01-01 by Terry Um

Please leave your contact (e.g. your facebook account) when you upload your tranlation files. (If you don’t, I’ll link your GitHub page to your name)

Thank you for your contributions.

Best regards, Terry

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